The R-PROTECTION after sales team prioritizes customer safety and well-being. We recognize the importance of each step in the purchasing journey to guarantee a service of excellence. From the start of the process, we are committed to understanding your needs and helping you choose the most suitable safety barriers for your project. That’s why we offer an after-sales service.

Personalized Assessment: Safety from the Facilities to the Workplace

During a visit to your facilities, our experts carefully assess your needs. In addition, our aim is to mitigate the risks of accidents at work and impacts on structural elements. At R-PROTECTION, we prioritize safety and security, ensuring a safe working environment for employees within companies.

After-Sales Service: Minimizing Disruptions with Efficiency

In this way, we recognize that unforeseen situations can arise, which is why we offer a comprehensive after-sales service, prepared to deal with any eventualities. So, if a safety barrier suffers an impact, the R-PROTECTION team is ready to act quickly and efficiently in order to replace the damaged barrier.

Customization and Technical Support: Adapting to Your Evolving Needs

As a manufacturer of protection systems and barriers, we provide the material you need. We offer technical specifications, 3D files, technical data sheets, marketing packages and additional information on the barriers. This allows us to adjust our barriers to the scale of your project, recognizing the uniqueness of each client and changing needs over time.

Continuous satisfaction and exemplary follow-up: Beyond Selling Products

At R-PROTECTION, we value ongoing satisfaction and strive to offer exemplary after-sales service. In this regard, our technical team is at your disposal to provide safety solutions as your industrial layout redefines itself and to offer reliable technical support. Consequently, our aim is to go beyond simply selling products by providing a constant follow-up service. We use the NPS and we make an extra effort to keep in touch with our client after the safety project is concluded.

Thank you for your trust: R-PROTECTION, your security partner!

Thank you for choosing R-PROTECTION as your security partner! You can count on our team to accompany you throughout your security journey.

how we develop


We pay a visit to your Company.

When it comes to ensuring your company’s safety, the first step is to visit the site. To help identify vulnerabilities, R-PROTECTION is able to thoroughly analyze all safety aspects of your installations.



R-PROTECTION prioritizes safety and protection within companies as if they were our own. Therefore, the second step is to develop a safe project that fits the needs of each company. We carry out a risk analysis and identify the points that need protection.


We produce and install.

We are committed to provide the best safety for our customers. Therefore, the third step in our approach is the production and set up of the safety barriers. We have highly qualified professionals who install the barriers quickly, safely and effectively.